Stickman Ice Hockey v1.7 Apk Mod [Mod Full]

Stickman Ice Hockey v1.7 Apk Mod - Experience pure hockey satisfaction with fast paced gameplay, stunning atmosphere, smooth animation, simple controls, crazy action, and lots of replay value. Choose your favorite team and rank when playing various seasons, or simply in a fast game or open air classic mode. Play with or without the rules of Icing and Offside to enjoy a real arcade. Decide Whether you want to master all your players manually and manually or use the auto running mode where you have control over the right time and see your players checking your opponents. Choose your favorite hockey team from over 46 different national and international teams and lead them to victory!    

  • Version : 1.7
  • Genre : Casual,Strategy
  • Size : 40 Mb
  • Mode : Offline

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