Mountain Assault Shooting Arena v1.2 Apk Mod

Mountain Assault Shooting Arena Apk Mod - This game game is very thrilling. Players of all ages will surely enjoy the loud pvpolar front level that is sorted. The initial mission is very easy compared to the last one. Due to the difficulty level as you go further inside the command war game of the strike. You are the only man who can perform operations in low-lying forests. There are different weapons in the armory that you can use in a strike strike game. But only the main pistol is available and you have to buy other items. Different mission assignments in each of these secret ops command missions. This will definitely test your ability to a whole new level. Furthermore, this gadget displays a mini radar to show your position in this secret ops command command. You will also be paid with cash for each mission. Spend to buy new weapons, packets of drugs and grenades to win strike strike game. You must be ready at all times, because the enemy is a hardened and well-exposed circle.

The front pvp fighting game control is very easy. Even players from every day will enjoy their leisure time by having fun. The placement of buttons is ideal in this strike war command game. You have one section for movement and another to take action. Action buttons include fire, reload, change stance and others for command play this commando pashp. You can also use a radar that shows the enemy's position. So paler and improve your experience in pvp command battle games.

  • The Command of the Grand Shooting Mission 2018
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Different weapons available
  • Dozens of missions
  • Real in-game sound
  • Difficult task with lots of cover
  • Mission in sequence
  • Med package, firearms and grenades
  • Version : 1.2
  • Size : 50 Mb
  • Mode : Offline
  • Genre : Action
  • Unlimited Money

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